Lost Rhino Rhinoel

Lost Rhino Rhinoel. Belgian style Dubbel. Low IBU (30 IIRC), 7.5% ABV. Sweet bouquet, good malt flavor. We did not drink it from snifters since we aren’t hoity (plus the glasses need to be washed). You can definitely feel the warmth from the alcohol. A good winter afternoon beer; not one for longer sessions.


Samuel Adams Fat Pumpkin 2014

Samuel Adams Fat Jack. Spice and pumpkin flavors are very light, despite “over 28lbs of pumpkin per barrel”. Malty and a very heavy body. Warm aftertaste with some sips having too much alcohol flavor for my palate. A stout 8.5% ABV.

Overall not a bad attempt by Samuel Adams, but it is nowhere near the autumnal ambrosia of Alewerks Pumpkin Ale.


We can not afford to be divided.

I had a few friends over this weekend, and as usual, the topic of guns came up. We had a lively discussion about gun rights, and some old friends surprised me with the admission they owned guns. They lean left on the political spectrum and I just assumed they were anti-gun. My friends then mentioned they don’t talk about guns with their friends, as most of them are vehemently anti-Constitution. I nodded, understanding that this issue was divisive, even among close friends.

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